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Crazy stuff happens.

I’m sorry that you’re here, searching for a solution to a charge that doesn’t align with your character. And I’m especially sorry if you’ve hired a professional who isn’t taking your case as seriously as they should. You must be terrified about how the coming days could play out.

The thing is, you’re not a repeat offender. You’re not a menace to society. You are an upstanding citizen who deserves to be seen as a whole person, not a lapse in judgment (or worse, a false accusation). May I help?

“Kristin put together a watertight case which demonstrated on multiple fronts that there was no case to answer. Throughout the process she was fearless, incisive and a truly inspiring guiding light.”

Cllr B Locker, Colchester Borough Council

Hi, I’m Kristin.

Want to know something that gets under my skin? Most people in your shoes trust the first solicitor who promises the moon. Why wouldn’t you? It’s not like you’ve been here before. If someone says they’re going to do something (like, you know, prioritize your case), they should. Unfortunately, here’s what I see time and time again…

A solicitor, who depends on volume, takes another case. All cases get shuffled together, no matter what the circumstances. The solicitor barely skims the surface, let alone studies the video footage, searches for patterns, or serves paperwork that gives you a tactical advantage. Then, the night before the hearing, a barrister like me gets a call. “I need your help. Can you cover my sentence/trial tomorrow?” The number of times I’ve had to look into the eyes of women and men and tell them, “I wish you would have come to me first,” breaks my heart; lives ruined because of reckless professionals. You deserve so much better.


As a direct access barrister, I invite you to come to me first. Allow me time to know your case backward and forward and to build a narrative that authentically shows your true character and contribution to society. My work is more than a job to me; I consider it my supreme duty to stand up for women and men who find themselves in circumstances like yours.

I am one of a select group of criminal law barristers accredited by the Bar Standards Board to accept clients under the Bar’s Public Access Scheme.

Gray’s Inn (Call: 2007)
South Eastern Circuit
Criminal Bar Association

LL.B. (School of Oriental & African Studies)
LL.M. (London School of Economics)

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I understand how fragile life is and how quickly things can take a turn. I promise to tell it to you like it is with compassion and transparency.

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I get fired up to my core about blatant injustice, and I fight, tooth and nail, for right-sized consequences. No exceptions; you must be treated fairly.

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On top of it all, legal fees can be wildly draining. I take out all the uncertainty with fixed fees, so you know just what you’ll pay, no matter what.

Let’s get to know one another.

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Image of Kristin Heimark leaned against a wall, with arms folded.

How I help.

If your case is in the Magistrates’ Court, I can help.

First appearance hearings

Magistrates’ Court trials

Sentencing mitigation


Malicious communications

Breach of the peace

Racially or religiously aggravated offences

Football banning orders

Criminal damage

Disqualification as a totter

No insurance

Drink & drug drive

Drink & drug in charge

Failing to give information as to the driver

Dangerous driving



Case management hearings

Assault emergency worker

Drunk and disorderly

Driving whilst using a mobile phone

Public order act offences

Football offences


Driving Whilst disqualified

Special reasons/ exceptional hardship


Careless driving

Failing to prove a specimen

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“Kristin was great today and got the case thrown out. She is a very hard-working barrister. She put in a ton of work in getting the case together.”

Mr. J. Cockett

A new chapter is just around the corner.

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Review our plan.

If you are comfortable proceeding after our initial call, I’ll prepare your strategy, and we’ll review it in detail.

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Get the best result.

I won’t only guide you through the process, I’ll serve as a devoted advocate, fighting for what’s right.

You may still be wondering…

Can you help my family member?

Yes! Many parents contact me because their adult or teenage child is facing a drunk and disorderly type of matter, or is at risk of losing their licence. Considering the impact of your child losing their good character—and everything that goes into obtaining and maintaining a licence—I recognize how high the stakes are for your family. I’ve dealt with numerous cases like this before, and I aim to navigate the legal complexities to secure the best outcome.

Whether it’s challenging charges, negotiating, or exploring alternatives, I’m here to provide effective representation.

Do you work with Americans?

You bet I do. Many Americans assume that because we all speak the same language, the English legal system is the same as what they are used to. Then, they find out what the significant differences are after they have been hammered. It’s tragic!

I’m a US Navy veteran, and it is my privilege to continue my honourable service by advising military and civilian personnel at RAF Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Croughton, Molesworth, Alconbury, and other installations. I also help American professionals and their families.

I'm telling the truth; shouldn't I be able to do this on my own?

Many people make the big mistake of thinking that a criminal trial is a fact-finding mission. The truth is, all the Magistrates are interested in is whether the Crown Prosecution Service has proved their case against you. As a professional, I imagine you’re incredibly intelligent, but you’re not trained or experienced in weighing up the strengths, weaknesses, and admissibility of evidence. In other words, you can go it alone, but you take a massive risk not knowing what you don’t know. You will always benefit from an expert criminal barrister’s advice and guidance.

What's the difference between a solicitor and a barrister?

Solicitors are office-based and tend to do office work. Barristers are trial advocates and work in courtrooms, ensuring your accusers are held to account, and your voice is heard. We can be found in the law libraries, where we work on your case and look up the finer points of the law. We are also the ones by your side in court.

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The bottom line is…

Sometimes stuff goes wrong; bad things happen to good people. But this happenstance doesn’t have to define your life. I’ll make sure your story is heard, loud and clear, so you can get on with your life and look back with gratitude—never regret.